How to Weld and Unweld in Cricut

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Are you new to Cricut? Well, there’s a good chance that you’re still finding your way in the Cricut Design Space, the software app that comes with all Cricut machines.

There are lots of tools to explore, and learning how to use them is essential to get the results you seek.

One of the most important functions is the weld/unweld tool. It changes the way Cricut cuts your images.

In this guide, we’ll help you learn how to weld and unweld in Cricut, so stick around.

What Is Welding and Unwelding in Cricut?

In Cricut Design Space, each image is cut separately. For example, if you write a word in one font and use another font to write the other one, they’ll be cut separately.

The software is programmed to treat them as separate images unless, of course, you tell it not to. That’s where the weld function comes into play.

Just like welding two sheets of metal together, welding in Cricut basically means joining 2 images to form one big image. When you weld 2 images, Cricut will treat and cut them as a single image.

Unwelding, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It’s used to separate the 2 images you’ve previously joined.

How to Weld and Unweld Images in Cricut

Welding and welding in Cricut are 2 separate functions with a dedicated set of steps. Now, let’s explore how to weld or unweld in Cricut Design Space:


Using the weld function in Cricut Design Space can be quite handy when you need to join images, create new images, or combine words made of different fonts.

To weld 2 images in Cricut, follow these steps:

Create the Images

Open the Cricut Design Space and Create the images you want to weld. Of course, if the image can be created as a single image from the start, you’ll save yourself some time and effort. However, it’s not always possible, like in the different font case.

Arrange the Images

After creating the images, move the images by dragging and dropping them until they’re placed close to each other. Just make sure that you adjust their size before attempting to weld them.

Edit Your Images and Use Colors as Desired

Before welding the images, it’s essential that you go through any editing steps first. Some of the things you can do include changing the colors and fonts.

Changing the font, in particular, can be pretty tricky after the images are welded. You might be able to change the text color, but you’ll only be able to change the color of the whole text.


Now that you’re 100% done with the editing process for each image, you can weld them. To weld 2 or more images in Cricut Design Space, select them by dragging the mouse across the screen while holding your finger on the left-click button.

Now, locate the “weld” button in the toolbar at the top and press it to complete the weld. You should now have a single image that consists of all the images you created.


That was how to weld images in Cricut Design Space, but what about welding?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no unweld function in Design Space. In other words, once you’ve welded 2 or more images, you’ll be unable to separate them into multiple images. 

There’s one exception, though; if the last change you made in Design Space was to weld the images, you might be able to unweld them by clicking the undo button. You can also use the “Ctrl+Z” on Windows computers or “Command+Z” on Macs.

To save yourself the hassle of attempting to unweld a welded image, beware of the common pitfalls that beginner crafters fall into. For example, you need to carefully examine the spacing between the letters in text images before welding them.

Make sure that the spacing is neither too wide nor too narrow since you won’t be able to adjust it after welding.

Difference Between Weld and Attach in Cricut Design Space

One of the most common questions new Cricut Design Space users ask is how the weld and attach functions differ.

Put simply, the weld tool allows you to join 2 images into one, so you can cut them as a single image. On the flip side, the attach function only maintains the arrangement of the shapes in your design, so you can get the results you want when the design is sent to the mat to be cut.

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Final Words

So that was a quick overview of welding and unwelding images in Cricut.

It’s a pretty handy tool that’ll open up more project ideas for you, and the good news is that it’s pretty easy to implement. All you have to do is select the images you want to weld with your mouse and tap on weld.

But remember, you can only unweld the image if it was the last action you took in the app. So make sure that you do all the editing before welding the images.

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