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Printify vs Printful: The Ultimate Print-On-Demand Guide

Whether you run a customized e-commerce website or a dropshipping business to sell printed products, there are no alternatives to print-on-demand services. 

Printify and Printful are two of the most reputable print-on-demand services out there. But how do they stack up against each, and which of them is right for you? Continue reading to learn all about the key differences between the two print-on-demand services in this Printify vs Printful comparison. 

Printify vs Printful: Which Is Better?

In short, many businesses prefer to use Printful over Printify. Printful ships to more locations, has a faster order fulfillment process, and supports more integrations than Printify, making it an excellent choice for most printed products business owners. 

Product Quality and Choices

When it comes to product design choices, Printify sticks to conventional products like t-shirts, caps, and hoodies. On the other hand, Printful offers printing services for unique, uncommon products. 

Printful’s product choices include 336 products, compared to around 300 products for Printify.

Printful prints all of its products in-house, compared to Printify, which outsources the products from third-party providers. Some may argue that Printify’s product quality is more consistent since not all companies that provide for Printify offer the same quality level.

Nevertheless, Printify lets customers pick their preferred printing provider.

Winner: Printful

Pricing and Plans

Both Printify and Printful have free plans, but they’re pretty basic and you’ll probably need to upgrade to a paid plan sooner or later.

Currently, Printify offers 2 plans: a monthly plan priced at $29/month and an annual plan that costs $24.99/month. On the other hand, Printful only has a single monthly plan that costs $49/month.

Winner: Printify

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Both Printful and Printify can integrate with Shopify, Prestashop, Wix, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce platforms. However, Printful has a broader range of supported integrations, which include:

  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • Big Cartel
  • Ecwid
  • Launch Cart
  • Gumroad
  • Magneto
  • 3rdcart

Both print-on-demand services can be integrated with eBay and Etsy, but you can also integrate Printful into Amazon and Storenvy.

Winner: Printful


Shipping is definitely a critical factor in deciding on a print-on-demand service. After all, you don’t want to slow down your business with inconvenient shipping. Excessively high shipping rates would also unnecessarily increase your monthly expenses.

With Printful, once a customer places an order, they should expect to receive their products within 2-7 business days, depending on your customer’s location. If the order doesn’t include any apparel products, that period is reduced to 2-5 business days.

Here’s what the Printful shipping structure looks like:

First Product:

  • USA: $3.99
  • Europe: $4.39
  • Canada: $6.49
  • Australia/ New Zealand: $6.99
  • Worldwide: $5.99

Additional Product:

  • USA: $1.25
  • Europe: $1.09
  • Canada: $1.25
  • Australia/ New Zealand: $1.25
  • Worldwide: $1.25

Printful also gives you the freedom of letting your customers calculate shipping at checkout or include it in the total price. In some cases, the standard rates may change depending on your customer’s location.

Printful works with the following shipping companies:

  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • USPS

There are also some local shipping companies that support remote locations.

Printify, on the other hand, takes much longer to ship products to your customers since they have a limited number of fulfillment centers. Here are the standard shipping durations for different locations:

  • USA: 7-15 business days
  • Canada: 10- 15 business days
  • International: 10-30 days

However, the company offers faster shipping for Shopify users for a fee.

Winner: Printful

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Customer Support

Printify and Printful take different approaches when it comes to customer support. Printful offers a free onboarding session for new customers, which is quite valuable. Their blog is pretty helpful, too.

On the flip side, Printify has a help center that includes articles about troubleshooting, products, and shipping. And just like Printful, Printfy has a valuable blog that discusses marketing and design trends, printing tips and tricks, and other related topics.

Printful provides 24-hour live support, while Printify doesn’t. Nevertheless, both print-on-demand services offer email and live chat support, but you can’t call any of them on the phone.

Winner: tie

Printify – Pros & Cons:

Pros Cons
Excellent customer support
More affordable
Monthly and annual plans
Lets you choose your printing provider
Slow shipping
A limited number of fulfillment centers

Printful – Pros & Cons:

Pros Cons
Faster Shipping
More integration
Better for international orders
Good customer support
Products are a bit expensive

Printify vs. Printful: Which Print-On-Demand Service Is the Right One for Your Business?

To sum it all up, Printful seems the best print-on-demand service out of the two. It’s fast, convenient, and supports a wide range of integrations. Their customer support team is top-notch, too.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should totally omit Printify out of the equation. Printify will cost you half as much as what you’d pay for Printful. Not to mention, it gives you the option to pay monthly or annually. Oh, and customers get to choose their preferred printing provider.

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