Top HP Dye Sublimation Printer: The Complete Guide

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When it comes to digital printing, you’ll find the dye sublimation printers fare best in this regard, especially with their laser-precise printing results on various surfaces. This makes these printers, especially their HP variety, the best for marketing and branding purposes.

However, finding the best pick isn’t easy, and if you go through various options, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed pretty fast. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got you covered with the top HP dye sublimation printer (and alternatives) you could ask for. So read on!

Our Top Picks:

1. HP Stitch S1000 – Best Overall

2. HP Stitch S500 – Runner Up

3. HP Stitch S300 64″ – Best for Beginners

The 3 Top Dye Sublimation Printers

In this guide, you’ll find the top 3 HP dye sublimation printers that you could use whether you’re a beginner or a print expert. While there’s no product on this list that’s below average, there are significant differences between those three products. Let’s discuss those.

1. HP Stitch S1000 – Best Overall

HP Stitch S1000

The HP Stitch S1000 is an excellent dye sublimation printer if you’re planning to go all in. The high-quality printout it delivers in record time is a must-have for any business that regularly requires large amounts of printouts.

It prints about 3770 feet squared per hour and prints on sheets up to 126 inches wide. Additionally, it does an excellent job of keeping quality and color vividness stable across all substrates.

What’s more, the HP PrintOS gives you a variety of customization settings to ensure that you get exactly the printout specifics you have in mind.


  • Takes up to 10-liter cartridges of paint
  • Refillable cartridges even while printing
  • Has 1200 DPI print heads
  • Fast loading rate
  • Automated print head maintenance


  • Relatively pricey

Bottom Line

The HP Stitch S1000 is a flagship model that’s almost perfect with top-notch printouts and versatility across different media. If you’re looking for an upgrade from an existing printer, this one is among the best in the market.

2. HP Stitch S500 – Runner Up

HP Stitch S500

Following its HP Stitch S1000 counterpart, the HP Stitch S500 is a prime example of a mid-range product that offers most of the benefits one would want in a printer without breaking the bank. Although it might be smaller, it still delivers the same image quality.

You might find that it lacks in some areas, though, like the width of the media it prints on (only up to 64 inches) and the size of the ink cartridges it accepts (3 liters).

Yet, like the previous model, the HP Stitch S500 comes with 1200 DPI print heads that ensure that your printouts are of high quality. It’ll also produce high-volume jobs 2370 feet squared per hour.


  • Has 1200 DPI print heads
  • Automated print head maintenance
  • Prints up to 2370 feet square per hour
  • Refillable cartridges even while printing


  • Three times slower than the flagship model
  • Not suitable for massive projects

Bottom Line:

The HP Stitch 500 is a great option for beginners and experts alike, so whether you’re getting a fleet of these machines or just one, you’ll get the high-quality you’d expect from an HP dye sublimation printer.

3.HP Stitch S300 64″ – Best for Beginners

HP Stitch S300 64

If you know next to nothing about dye sublimation printers and don’t want to risk your money on a product that you won’t be using to its fullest capacity, the HP Stitch S300 64″ is likely the best option for you.

While it doesn’t carry out most of the benefits the previous two models offer, it’s unique on its own and will still provide the same color quality found across all HP dye sublimation printers. In addition to that, it’s much smaller than the HP stitch 1000 but still produces the same image quality at a rate of 1338 feet squared per hour.

This printer by far has the lowest print speed, so it’ll probably take time if you’re working on a project with a large print load and a short deadline. On the plus side, it’s user-friendly and has all the standardized features of this series, like easy loading and high quality.


  • Has 1200 DPI print heads
  • Boasts 775 ml sized ink cartridges
  • Affordable compared to other models
  • Good loading speed
  • Comes with a maintenance kit


  • Two times slower than the HP Stitch 500
  • The medium-sized cartridges aren’t the best for larger printing projects
  • It’s a discontinued model

Bottom Line:

The HP Stitch S300 64” is an excellent choice for anyone who isn’t bound by tight deadlines or larger print projects, so this makes it an optimal choice for beginners who want to test the waters of the printing industry.

How to Choose an HP Dye Sublimation Printer

You now know about three top-quality dye-sublimation printers currently on the market. How should you go about choosing one, though? Here are some factors to help you make a decision.

Print Size

Typically, HP dye-sublimation printers, or dye-sublimation printers in general, are used to print on an array of surfaces like shirts, banners, tapestries, clothes, and more. 

For instance, if you print on smaller surfaces (less than 64 inches in width) like shirts, the HP S series printers might be too big. However, if you’ll print on shirts, banners, and tapestries, these large printers will serve you well.


Some people assume that high prices offer better quality, but this isn’t true, especially for the HP dye-sublimation printers that provide the same quality due to their identical 1200 DPI print heads.

Therefore, you must look at other factors, like the size of printouts, the project you’re trying to execute, and the frame of time you have to execute it. Then, match that with the features of each printer in this guide, and you’ll get the right product you need without paying too much or too little.

Bulk of Printouts

Each printer has a preset printing speed and can only produce a limited amount of prints within one hour.

Speed shouldn’t be your top priority if you’re not in a rush and don’t need your prints right away. Alternatively, if you need to print out a large bulk of items in a short period, a fast machine is the best option.

Cartridge Size

The speed of every printer depends on the size of the cartridge. Smaller cartridges will need to be changed regularly, something that might not be viable if you need your machine up and running for hours and hours. In contrast, small projects with a small bulk of substrates won’t require large cartridges.

Portable Printer Management

Typically, HP printers come with full support and monitoring capabilities. If HP PrintOS doesn’t have your HP printer, you might want to reconsider your purchase. This software allows you to monitor the printing status of your current project, as well as cartridge remaining capacity and substrate use.

If you don’t have visibility on these aspects, your printer will likely notify you anyway, but remote management is highly required, especially with such a huge investment.


Which Dye Is Used for HP Sublimation Printers?

HP sublimation printers use dye-sub inks or disperse inks. However, you’ll need to make sure you’re purchasing the HP branded cartridges that are made for your own HP printer.

What Is the Life Expectancy of an HP Sublimation Printer?

Since HP dye-sublimation printers are high-end printing machines, they’ll likely remain functional for 10 years, give or take.

What Surfaces/Substrates Can I Print On?

You can dye-sublimate on a variety of surfaces, like glass, ceramics, acrylic, plastic, cotton, lycra, and nylon.

Can I Adjust Printing Speed for an HP Dye Sublimation Printer?

From the settings (and HP Print OS), you can adjust printing speed depending on the volume you’re attempting to produce.

Final Thoughts

HP dye-sublimation printers are top-of-the-line machines, so the results will always be satisfied no matter what model you purchase.

If you’re looking for speed and quantity, you should consider the flagship product, HP Stitch S1000. On the other hand, if you have the luxury of time on your side, and don’t want to spend a fortune on a dye-sublimation printer, the HP Stitch S300 64″ is the ideal option.

Finally, make sure to make an informed decision based on the factors we mentioned here. Since this is a big purchase (and investment that’s likely to last ten years or more), your decision should be useful to you in the upcoming years.

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