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How to Print in Reverse: The Definite Guide

For different reasons, you may need to print in reverse picture or text. The most common method is to use iron-on transfer paper to transfer graphics or text on fabric. If you have the correct tools, you can also use the transfer on hard surfaces. Before printing on any cloth, you must first learn how to print in reverse images or text order in a variety of software, such as MS Word, Google Docs, Publisher, Macs, iPhones, and PowerPoint. In addition, how to print in reverse on various printers.

This article covers all you need to know about printing in reverse, so you can have more fun with your printing. You’ll see many methods for printing reverse images and text on various materials.

Short answer:

Because printers print the first page first and the last page last, the pages are picked up in reverse order. To reverse the order, do the following:

  • Press the Print button from the menu in the top-right corner of the window.
  • Check Reverse in the General tab of the Print window’s Copies section.

How to Print in Reverse text in Ms. Word

You must first enter the text in the “Text Box” before printing in reverse text in a document. After you’ve reversed the text, you can remove the text box with “Shape Online.” These instructions apply to both Office 365 and Office 2016.

  • To input text, select “Insert” >Content Box and type or format the text.
  • Right-click the text box and select “Format Shape.”
  • The Format panel appears on the right after you click it. Select “Effects.”
  • To reverse the text, enter 180 degrees in the 3-D Rotation box. Other rotations are available to make the text inverted according to your preferences.
  • Set “Shape Outline” to No Outline and “Shape Fill” to No Fill in the text box.

How to Print in Reverse Order

If you’re printing a large number of papers, printing them in reverse order can help you collate them neatly and swiftly. You can reverse print orders in two ways.

1. Set it up in Microsoft Word.

To reverse print the documents, you only need to issue a single command to the printer.

Start typing the word and then select “Options” > “Advanced.”
On the right, scroll down to the “Print” section.
A tick appears in the check box when you click “Print Pages in Reverse Order.”
Exit by clicking “OK.”

2. Use the Printer Application Option to reverse the print order

To begin, open the Word document.
On the file tab, select the “Print tab.” On the right side of the Print dialog, you’ll see a preview of the document.
Under options, select Print All Pages. A menu of options will emerge.
The cursor will flicker inside the black field when you click “Custom Print.”
Set the “Custom Print” to reverse the sequence of printing.

How to Reverse an Image in PDF

  1. Save the PDF as a PDFelement.
  2. The PDF document will open when you drag it to the PDFelement. You may also select “Open File” from the menu.
  3. Select an image
  4. Enter the editing mode by clicking the “Edit tab,” then click the image to be selected.
  5. In PDF, flip the image.
  6. To reverse the image, right-click it and select “Rotate Right” or “Rotate Left” from the menu.

How to Print in Reverse an Image in Word

If you frequently use Word to create presentations, you may find yourself having to reverse the image. Because Microsoft Word contains capabilities that will assist you in this, you can print a photo in reverse by following these steps:

  • In the Word document, select the “Insert tab.”
  • Select the “Picture option” and drag and drop images into Word.
  • Select the “Format tab” from the “Picture Tools” menu.
  • Reverse the image by selecting “Rotate” from the arranged group.

How to Print in Reverse an Image in Google Docs

Rotating and reversing an image is not the same thing. You can flip an image vertically or horizontally when you reverse it. To reverse an image in Google Docs, follow these steps:

  • Open the image to be reversed in Google Docs.
  • Simply click on the image.
  • Copy it with a right-click.
  • To go to a new page, place your pointer on the image and press enter.
  • Place the cursor on the page, then select “New” from the “Insert” menu under “Drawing.”
  • The drawing tool appears.
  • “Paste” by right-clicking on the Drawing tool. The image is going to be pasted.
  • To reverse the image, pick “Rotate” from the “Actions” drop-down menu, then reverse horizontally or vertically.
  • “Save” and “Close” are the options.

How to Reverse an Image for t-shirt Printing

With your computer, printer, and t-shirt transfer paper, you may reverse a picture on your t-shirt at home. However, you must take the following steps:
Assuming you have the picture for your t-shirt transfer, pick it by clicking “Insert” at the top of the window, then “Picture.”

  • To invert the image, open the document with the image.
  • To select an image, click on it.
  • Under “Picture Tools,” select the “Format tab.”
  • In the “Arrange section,” place the pointer on the “Rotate” option, then select the reverse horizontal option.

How to Print in Reverse an Image for Iron-Transfer

  • On the File menu, select “Print.”
  • Choose a printer.
  • Select “Properties dialog box” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Properties, Printer Setup, Preferences, or Printer from the drop-down menu.
  • Select HP Iron-on Transfer from the Paper Type drop-down list.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Check the box for the reverse image.
  • Then click OK. Print

Print in Reverse Image in PowerPoint

  • Save the image as a jpg file on your computer.
  • Select Insert from the menu bar in PowerPoint.
  • When you insert the image, it will appear in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Under the Format tab, select Rotate Option.
  • From the drop-down selection, choose horizontally reverse.
  • Use transparency paper to print the image.

How to Print in Reverse a Photo on an iPhone

Reversing photos required third-party software prior to iOS 13 and iPad OS. The Photos app on the current iPhone, on the other hand, automatically creates a mirror image without any additional procedures.

  • Open the Photos application.
  • Choose the image you’d like to reverse.
  • In the top right corner, click Edit.
  • Choose the crop icon.
  • To reverse the image horizontally, click the reverse tool icon in the top left corner.
  • The image has now been inverted and is ready to be shared.

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How to Print in Reverse Image or Text on a Mac

If you wish to print an image or text in reverse, follow these procedures.
Mirror Image to Print

  • Use the preview to open the image you wish to reverse print.
  • Select reverse horizontal from the Tools menu.
  • Select the print field from the file menu.
  • To print the mirror image, make the necessary modifications and then click the Print button.

Print Mirror Text Using the Text Editing Apps

Although you can reverse text in MS Word, TextEdit is also an option. This is how you do it.

  • Go to the File Menu and select Print.
  • To access the entire print settings page, click the Show Details Button.
  • Select Layout from the Application Drop-Down menu. It will make new adjustment fields available.
  • Select the checkbox. Horizontally reverse

Print Mirror Text Using the Preview App

If the preceding method isn’t possible, consider converting the text document to a PDF or image file, then printing in reverse. The steps are as follows:

  • Using the text editing program, open the text.
  • Create a PDF file of the text by selecting File > Export from the File menu.
  • Select Open with Preview from the context menu when you right-click the new PDF document.
  • Go to the File menu and choose Print.
  • Select Layout from the Application drop-down menu after pressing the Show Details button.
  • In the section box, see if there is a Reverse Horizontal choice.
  • If so, check the option and print your document in reverse.
  • If not, click Cancel and then follow the instructions below to convert the PDF to an image.
  • Select Export from the File Menu in the Preview.
  • Select JPG from the Format drop-down menu.
  • Save the file.

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How to print in Reverse an Image in MS Publisher

Flip your design horizontally if it’s clip art, WordArt, or photo.

  • Reverse the order in the Arrange menu.
  • Click Horizontal Reverse.

If you have text in a text box, convert it to an image and then flip it horizontally.

  • In your design, select the text in the text box.
  • On the Objects bar, select Cut from the Edit menu, then ” Insert.” WordArt
  • Choose a WordArt, then a style, and finally click OK.
  • Copy the text and paste it into the WordArt Text box.
  • Click OK after formatting the text.
  • Select all of the design’s elements.
  • In the arrange menu, select group objects, move the cursor to reverse, and then select reverse horizontal.

How to print in reverse a string in C, C++, Java, and Python

You can reverse a C, C++, Java, or Python string using either of these methods. Among them are:

  • Changing the characters in the string
  • Employing recursion
  • Standard library functions are used.

How to Print in Reverse on Different Printers

For Canon inkjet printers:

  • In Preferences, select the Page Setup tab.
  • Select Reverse Printing.

For HP inkjets, click OK.

  • In Printing Preferences, select the Advanced option.
  • Select Document Options.
  • Select Layout Option.
  • Select reverse from the drop-down menu.
  • Select OK.


On a variety of goods, the majority of individuals print in reverse images or text. If you’re not familiar with printing in reverse, the article can guide you through the process. It prints on a variety of items, including t-shirts, caps, and other items.

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