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How to Fix Epson Error Code 0x97 [Step by Step Solutions!]

Though Epson is one of the world’s biggest names in computer printers, their products still have errors. One example of this is the error code 0x97, which might appear due to mechanical or technical problems which the user didn’t cause. Below are some best practices for getting rid of it.

Where does the Epson Error Code 0x97 come from?

This error code is sometimes encountered by users who have older printers. It will appear suddenly, with no warning or indication of why. It will inhibit the printer’s function by disrupting its signal which is used to activate and deactivate the device. Thus, you will not be able to continue using it until this problem has been permanently fixed.

The Epson error code 0x97 can be viewed on the LED screen of the printer. The issue will often arise when you’re printing, which forces the device to immediately shut down. While it can occur in any Epson model, it is most frequently seen in the Epson WorkForce line, including the 252 Ink (WF-3640) or Epson 786 Ink (WF-4630).

Why Does This Error Occur?

This error is actually a warning which is designed to notify you of a potential internal mechanical issue. It means that either the motherboard or one of the internal printer components has malfunctioned. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to replace the internal components or printer. Before doing this, try the solutions below.

Disconnect Your Printer from Everything

Before proceeding, the first thing you’ll want to do is completely disconnect your printer.

Step 1: Cancel all your print tasks.

Step 2: Check the printer for paper jams.

Step 3: Disconnect all the cables including the ink cartridges.

Step 4: Click and hold the Printer’s power button until sixty seconds have passed.

Step 5: Plug everything back in and reinstall the ink cartridges.

Step 6: Click the printer’s power button. Try a test print to see if it works.

Try Resetting the Printer

If the steps above don’t work, it may be necessary to reset it.

Step 1: Disconnect each cable, then click and hold the printer’s power button until a minute has passed.

Step 2: Continue holding the button while simultaneously reconnecting all the cables. A friend, family member, or co-worker can help with this if present.

Step 3: Now click and then hold the printer’s power button for an additional sixty seconds then release it and try a test print.

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Clean the Print Head

Another solution to this error is to clean off the print head. To do this the right way, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Extract each ink cartridge from its printhead. Next, put the cartridges on a clean towel in a position that is inverted, and then remove the actual printhead itself from your printer.

Step 2: Wipe the print head’s bottom with a cloth that is damp from warm water. Continue cleaning until the black ink is totally removed and not sticking onto the cloth.

Step 3: Soak your print head in the bowl which contains lukewarm water until ten minutes have passed. Next, place a paper towel that is clean at its base. Place the print head in the towel so that it soaks. Afterward, remove your print head and then wipe it down carefully until all moisture and water have been removed. Be sure not to use hot or boiled water.

Step 4: Air dry your print head with a paper towel until fifteen minutes have passed. Next, place it back inside the carriage and then reinstall every ink cartridge into the slots. Finally, activate the printer to determine if the error has been removed. Be sure to update the printer’s drivers if needed along with your computer’s malware protection.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips for Error 0x97

Completely disconnect the printer: The first thing you’ll need to do is terminate any ongoing print jobs and remove all the paper from the printer. This method is straightforward and might actually resolve the issue without further action. Disconnect each cable, including power cords, wires, and USB cords, along with the cartridges.

Now click and hold the power button until sixty seconds have passed. Now connect everything back including the ink cartridges and press the power button to turn it on. Try performing the test print to see if it works.

Printer Reset: With this approach, you’ll also need to disconnect every cable. The printer should then be allowed to rest until five minutes have passed. Next, click and hold its power button until sixty seconds have passed. Continue holding the printer’s power button while reconnecting all the cables.

Once the cables are reattached, click and then hold the printer’s power button again for sixty seconds then release it. Perform your test print to see if any improvements have been made.

Clean up the print head: Print heads are vulnerable to becoming clogged due to dirt and debris. To clean it thoroughly, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. First, extract the entire ink cartridges one after the other. They must be positioned inverted on a clean surface so that they’re not damaged.

The next thing you’ll need to do is extract the print head itself. Next, you’ll need to wipe down its bottom, but this should only be done with a cloth that is lint-free and clean. Don’t forget to cleanse its nozzle so that no black ink sticks to the fabric.

Soak your print head: The printer’s head must be soaked for approximately ten minutes, in a bowl containing warm water. Do not use boiled or hot water otherwise you’ll damage it. After ten minutes remove the printhead then clean and dry it using a cloth that is completely dry and free of link.

Position the print head on a fresh paper towel for fifteen minutes so it can air dry. Once this is done it can be safely inserted along with the cartridges, after which you will want to activate the printer and see if the error has been eliminated.


Before attempting the solutions above, you will want to check the printer’s warranty to see if it is still valid. If so, it is recommended to contact and speak with the client support team to get their assistance in resolving the issue, as they might have additional tips. If you’ve tried all the tips above and spoke with customer service and you’re finding that the 0x97 error won’t go away, with a warranty you’ll be able to request a replacement free of charge. If you do not have a warranty it should be taken to a computer repair shop.

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