25 Simple and Easy Cricut Projects for Beginners

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Making handmade crafts is a fun hobby, especially when using a cutting machine as innovative and enjoyable as Cricut ones. So if you want to improve your crafting skills with a few easy projects, you’re in the right place!

We’ve made a list of 25 simple and easy Cricut projects for beginners. So dust off your Cricut machine, and read on!

Autumn Design Mug

Starting your Cricut journey with customizing a mug is ideal because of the project’s simplicity. Also, the results will be so satisfactory that you won’t be able to get away from your Cricut machine again.

Get the tutorial for Autumn Design Mug on intelligentdomestications.com.

Infusible Ink Tote Bags

If you like the uniqueness of customizing your personal belongings, you can try making those beautiful tote bags. Although the project has many steps, it doesn’t require advanced crafting skills.

Learn how to make Infusible Ink Tote Bags on thriftyjinxy.com.

Happy Birthday Card

Nothing shows love like customized birthday gifts. You can put your Cricut machine to use with those heartwarming birthday cards.

Check the instructions for Happy Birthday Card on darcyandbrian.com.

Wooden Sign

You can add to your house’s aesthetic with this elegant and vintage wooden sign. The project is pretty simple, won’t take time, and the results will look fabulous among your house decorations.

Read more about Wooden Sign on ellemariehome.com.

Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers with a Cricut machine is an easy and enjoyable project. As a bonus point, you can use those flowers to decorate anything. For example, you can glue them to handmade cards, use them as house decorations, or create a wreath and hang it on your wall.

Find out more about Paper Flowers on babysavers.com.

Leopard Print Bag Makeover

Do you have a plain leather bag that you want to spice up with a leopard pattern? You can use your Cricut machine to print and cut leopard pattern vinyl, then iron it on the bag.

Get the tutorial for Leopard Print Bag Makeover on mypoppet.com.au.

Felt Happy Fall Banner

You can welcome the beloved fall season with this felt banner. It’s pretty easy to make with your Cricut machine and will look beautiful wherever you hang it.

Learn how to make a Felt Happy Fall Banner on playpartyplan.com.

Customized Coasters

You can create many customized coasters for your table with your Cricut machine. Whether you choose to print floral designs or write inspiring quotes, the results will be beautiful.

Check the instructions for Customized Coasters on butfirstjoy.com.

Pantry Labels

Getting confused with spices is every chef’s nightmare. If you want to avoid this, you can make pantry labels using your Cricut machine. You can choose the font you want on Cricut’s design software, then print and cut the labels.

Read more about Pantry Labels on smallstuffcounts.com.

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Decorative Cutting Board

Whether you want to decorate your kitchen or you’re throwing a kitchen-themed party, you can make this pretty decorative cutting board. First, you’ll print and cut the vinyl, then stick in on the small board.

Get the tutorial for Decorative Cutting Board on thesavvysparrow.com.

Customized T-Shirt

Printed t-shirts rule the market, and you can make your unique version using your Cricut machine. With heat transfer vinyl and an iron, you’ll have a beautiful result in no time.

Read more about Customized T-Shirt on ellemariehome.com.

Chip Clip

The most fun part about owning a Cricut machine is that you can make unique and unexpected projects. For example, you can attempt this incredible, personalized chip clip and gift it to someone. It’ll cost you no money, time, or effort.

Find out more about Chip Clip on thriftyjinxy.com.

Cake Topper

Although this idea is about celebrating the new year, you can make cake toppers for any occasion you want. You’ll only need a hot glue gun, cardstock, glitter, and your Cricut machine.

Get the tutorial for Cake Topper on diycandy.com.

Halloween Bat Wreath

You can ace your Halloween decorations game this year with this ever-scary bat wreath. It might look challenging at first, but don’t worry! It’s well suited for beginners and won’t take you much time to get it done.

Check the instructions for Halloween Bat Wreath on simplemadepretty.com.

Foam Stamps

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent who desperately wants to keep your kids busy, you can attempt those easy and fun foam stamps. You can even let your kids join in on the fun since the project doesn’t require any crafting skills.

Learn how to make Foam Stamps on simplemadepretty.com.

Welcome Mat

You can grace your doorstep with this elegant welcome mat. That said, you can choose the quote you want and print it instead of doing exactly like this project.

Find out more about Welcome Mat on simplemadepretty.com.

Unicorn Sleeping Mask

You can make this beautiful unicorn sleeping mask for yourself or your daughter. It requires a few simple steps, and you’re good to go.

Get the tutorial for Unicorn Sleeping Mask on simplemadepretty.com.

Christmas Lights Garland

If you want to decorate your place with homemade crafts this year, you can attempt this simple Christmas lights garland. The bright colors will add to the festive vibes in your house, and it won’t cost you much at all.

Learn how to make Christmas Lights Garland on simplemadepretty.com.

Wall Art

If you want to show off your crafting skills to your friends and family, you can attempt this simple wall art using your Cricut machine. You can also choose a color palette that matches your house’s interior.

Read more about Wall Art on colormecrafty.net.

Cricut Baby Onesie

If you have a baby shower coming up, you can impress the parents with this cute handmade onesie. Luckily, the design is ready to download, so you won’t need to make any extra effort.

Get the tutorial for Cricut Baby Onesie on heyletsmakestuff.com.

Iron-on Shoes

If you have white canvas shoes and want to breathe life into them with some colors and cute designs, you can use your Cricut machine. After printing and cutting the design on iron-on vinyl, you can use your iron to print it on your shoes. And voila! You can rule the streets with your uniqueness.

Check the instructions for Iron-On Shoes on heyletsmakestuff.com.

Hogwarts House Bookmark

If you’re a Potterhead who wants to express their love for the books with personalized belongings, you can make those awesome Hogwarts bookmarks. You’ll only choose your favorite house, download the free printable, and use your Cricut machine to complete the masterpiece.

Find out more about Hogwarts House Bookmark on heyletsmakestuff.com.

3D Paper Snowflake

Suppose your kids are hardcore fans of the Disney movie, Frozen. Then, you can make this special 3D paper snowflake using your Cricut machine and hang it in their rooms.

Learn how to make 3D Paper Snowflake on heyletsmakestuff.com.

DIY Socks

You can personalize your socks with short quotes using your Cricut machine. You’ll only need a pair of socks, thick paper, and heat transfer vinyl.

Check the instructions for DIY Socks on practicallyfunctional.com.

Mermaid Pillow

If your kids love mermaids, you can surprise them with this stylish mermaid pillow. You’ll first print and cut the design using your Cricut machine, and then you’ll iron it on your pillowcase.

Learn how to make Mermaid Pillow on ourcraftymom.com.

To Wrap Up

Owning a Cricut machine is fun because it gives you unlimited customization ideas to try out. This way, you can give out handmade gifts and cards all year long!

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