25 Simple and Fun Cricut Joy Project Ideas

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The Cricut Joy machine gives unlimited space for creativity. If you have one, you can make many cute and easy crafts. In this article, we’ll give you 25 fun ideas to try out in your free time. So without further ado, let’s jump in!

25 Simple and Fun Cricut Joy Project Ideas

Here’s our curated list of the many fun projects you can try out using your Cricut Joy.

Spice Jar Labels

It’s always inconvenient to use a spice instead of the other because of missing labels. With Cricut Joy, you can create a brand for each spice jar with a cute design of your choice.

Get the tutorial for Spice Jar Labels on colormecrafty.net.

Checkers and Chess 2-in-1 Set

Board games are fun for everybody. If you’re hosting a party and want to impress your guests, you can make this 2-in-1 set that you can use to play both checkers and chess. Luckily, you won’t need many materials for this project. You’ll only need Cricut smart vinyl, chipboard, wooden blocks, and your beloved Cricut Joy.

Read more about Checkers and Chess 2-in-1 Set on lovelyindeed.com.

Wooden Perpetual Wall Calendar

If you’re willing to challenge your crafting skills a bit, you can give this fun project a try. You’ll make a wooden perpetual wall calendar for your room. Of course, you’ll only use your Cricut Joy in one step, but you’ll sure have fun with it!

Get the tutorial for the Wooden Perpetual Wall Calendar on brepea.com.

Christmas Ornament

Crafting is always fun during the merry season. For this year’s Christmas, you can print many cute designs using your Cricut Joy and stick them on your tree ornaments. After that, you can either hang them or send them out as gifts.

Read more about Christmas Ornament on colormecrafty.net.

Father’s Day Mug

Choosing the right father’s day gift is always a dilemma, but not with your multi-tasking cutting machine. This year, you can make a customized father’s day mug using your Cricut Joy.

Check the instructions for Father’s Day Mug on colormecrafty.net.

Motivation Cards

If you’re a teacher and want to motivate your students with beautiful gifts, you can create many motivation cards using your Cricut Joy. After choosing the ready-to-make design from the machine’s design software, you’ll be able to create many cards in such a short time.

Find out more about Motivation Cards on dukesandduchesses.com.

DIY Cutting Board

Passionate chefs love personalizing their kitchen equipment. If you can relate, you should attempt this simple and awesome project. You’ll print an elegant design with a quote of your choice and stick it to the cutting board.

Get the tutorial for DIY Cutting Board on lydioutloud.com.

Soap Bottle Labels

As a touch of elegance in your main or guest bathroom, you can add labels to your soap bottles. Luckily, Cricut Joy will create them for you in no time. All you’ll have to do is choose a design and print it; then, you’re good to go!

Check the tutorial for Soap Bottle Labels on smallstuffcounts.com.

Floral Nail Decals

Believe it or not, you can ace your nail polish game by decorating your nails with homemade decals. This project includes making bright floral decals using Cricut Joy, but you can change colors and designs according to your outfits.

Get the tutorial for Floral Nail Decals on 100directions.com.

Plant Pot Labels

If you’re a plants enthusiast and want to label each one of them so you can show them to your friends and family, you can create labels using your Cricut Joy.

Read more about Plant Pot Labels on smallstuffcounts.com.

Luggage Stickers

This project idea is ideal for travelers who like to go nomad style from time to time. Printing luggage stickers using Cricut Joy will ensure you never lose your bags while also staying stylish. As a bonus point, they’re pretty easy to make and won’t take much time.

Learn how to make Luggage Stickers on amber-oliver.com.

Floral Tea Towels

Hosting tea parties is an art, and you can ace it with the right tools. For example, you can make floral tea towels using your Cricut Joy to shine as a host. First, you’ll print and cut floral designs on iron-on vinyl. Then, you can print the design on your towels with your iron.

Get the instructions for Floral Tea Towels on thriftynorthwestmom.com.

Baby Shark Pencil Case

Kids are seemingly obsessed with the Baby Shark song. If you have a little kid, you can make them happy with this customized pencil case. You’ll use your Cricut Joy to print and cut the shark’s body. Then, you can stick it to your kid’s pencil case.

Read more about Baby Shark Pencil Case on doodlecraftblog.com.

Scented Candles Labels

If you enjoy the calm aura that scented candles create, you can put your Cricut Joy to use and cut labels for them. For example, you can cut labels for vanilla, lavender, and cinnamon candles.

Find out more about Scented Candles Labels on lovelyindeed.com.

Clothes Labels

If you have many kids and live in a chaos of outgrown clothes, you can solve your problem using your Cricut Joy. You’ll cut smart labels using your machine, organize clothes into categories, and stick a label on each one.

Check the tutorial for Clothes Labels on smallstuffcounts.com.

Cricut Joy Cards

You can use your Cricut Joy to make cards for every occasion. It won’t take much of your time or require many materials, and the results will be beautiful.

Learn how to make Cricut Joy Cards on thecountrychiccottage.net.

Painted Mason Jars

With Easter coming up, you can make cute decorations for your house using your Cricut Joy. This project includes decorating mason jars with Easter designs. It’s pretty simple, won’t take time, and will look beautiful in your house.

Check the instructions for Painted Mason Jars on colormecrafty.net.

Personalized Decals

If you want to personalize your belongings with elegant decals, you can use your Cricut Joy to print and cut them. After doing so, you can stick them on your laptop, mug, bag, or whatever you want.

Find out more about Personalized Decals on allforthememories.com.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Nothing says love on Valentine’s day like giving out handmade gifts. Using your Cricut Joy, you can make several Valentine’s day cards and give them to your loved ones. They won’t take much of your time, and the results will be fantastic.

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day Cards on 100directions.com.

Mother’s Day Mug

You can use your Cricut Joy to print and cut many vinyl designs. This time, you’ll print your vinyl design on a mug as a Mother’s day gift.

Check the instructions for Mother’s Day Mug on lydioutloud.com.

Card Organizer

If you make cards for every occasion, you’ll need to arrange your papers to avoid sending Christmas cards on Valentine’s day. You can do so with the help of Cricut Joy and a few other materials. In the end, you’ll have labeled dividers and a huge box to keep all your cards.

Find out more about Card Organizer on lydioutloud.com.

Custom Outdoor Mat

If you want to grace your doorstep with a custom mat, you can use your Cricut Joy and iron-on vinyl. Of course, you’ll need to be careful with the cutting and gluing, but you’ll have a fun time doing this project.

Check the instructions for Custom Outdoor Mat on by-pink.com.

Wooden Tray Vinyl

Although the Cricut Joy can’t cut through wood as other Cricut models do, you can be sneaky about it. In this project, you’ll print a design on vinyl using your cutting machine; then, you’ll stick it on a wooden tray.

Learn how to make Wooden Tray Vinyl on craft-e-corner.com.

Count Sign

If you’re a fan of countdowns, you can make this easy count sign and add it to your house’s decor. First, you’ll print numbers and a quote of your choice on vinyl, and then you’ll stick them on a wooden board.

Get the tutorial for Count Sign on 30minutecrafts.com.

Cricut Clock

This project doesn’t require any crafting skills and will look fabulous on your room’s wall. You’ll create a clock by using vinyl numbers and your Cricut Joy.

Find out more about Cricut Clock on colormecrafty.net.

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To Wrap Up

The Cricut Joy might not be the most advanced machine Cricut has; however, you can use it to make many homemade ideas for you and your kids. So whether you want to make a house decoration or personalize your belongings with a cute design, the Cricut Joy will come to the rescue.

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